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Gabriela was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
She began her quest in her earliest childhood following the impulse of her soul, loving the infinite vastness of the sky and the stars, following its call, its light, its depth and beauty.

The memory of a deep yearning within, a calling that became so intense that it was impossible to ignore.

In this quest and in the desire to understand what she felt, and what life is about, she studied music, sciences, mathematics, economy, computer and neurolinguistic programming and coaching, among others, until she finally understood that all that remains in the end is to be, because what we are is far beyond any profession or role.

Gabriela recognizes herself as a universal being and reminds us that we all are, regardless of our race, culture, ideology, history. Well, in this world with millions of years of existence, always in constant evolution and expansion, human beings are a speck of cosmic dust in the vast universe of existence, and we are all part of a whole.

Her infinite love invites us to look within, to take control of our internal power, to recognize and accept our lights and also our shadows to assume the responsibility that corresponds to each one of us.

Gabriela remembers when she was little, when the Falklands war began, saying, ¨ It cannot be possible, the wars no longer exist, it does not make sense,¨ however we are in 2021 and the conflicts and wars continue, they have changed its form, but that is far from encouraging.

Gabriela says: “We can no longer afford conflict, neither in ourselves nor in the world.” This does not mean that there is a panacea but there is compassion, empathy, understanding, harmony, balance, and coherence. Where with only one that is harmed, none of these premises is fulfilled. We must find another way where mutual respect is above all.

This is why Gabriela feels the inner certainty that each one of us contributing our grain of sand, working from within, can achieve peace in our lives and from there also bring that peace to the world. This is not something that can be achieved overnight or easily. It is about being coherent and harmonious in everything we do in our daily life. Peace is something that we all deserve as individuals and as humanity.

Gabriela lived in Spain for almost 25 years since she married. Also, she lived nearly two years with her husband and their two children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Since 2017 they live in South Carolina, United States with their two dogs.

Now, Gabriela invites us to enjoy life, to love unconditionally, to dream and to allow our dreams come true living life with enthusiasm from our inner wisdom finding peace within, and from there bring it to the world.


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Let´s walk together for the peace in our hearts and from there into the world.


One morning I wake up with a question in my mind…
How do you get here?
And its answer showed me how my path guided me to fulfil my dream!

All started with a DREAM. My dream was to know the universe. From a very young age I dreamed of knowing the universe. The passion for the starry nights, the sky and the cosmos, awakened in me an infinite love. Around my five or six years old my father took me to an observatory installed in summer in an area of the coast in Mat del Plata, my hometown. I was passionate about being able to see other worlds. Seeing the planets and learning about them. In our family trips, my father liked to travel at night, so I also enjoyed the starry nights, the depth of the sky with the longing of that eternal immensity. That deepness at the age of twelve years old awakened in me a call. I felt Homesickness, a deep longing for that so far away and so familiar at the same time. And so, throughout my life, I followed that call. In my adolescence I wanted to know the outer universe studying astronomy but being the only child for my parents, that wasn’t a possibility. Travel thousands of miles to study a career was not an option. So, in the meantime I looked for it in music and books. As a child I was inspired by Kahlil Gibran, my mother gave me the poetry of Becker, books by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I was also passionate about learning to play music. I loved Chopin, Beethoven and some Italian songs inspired by a great-uncle who dedicated his whole life to music. Also, I seek to know the universe and answer that call through mathematics, economics, computer and Neurolinguistics programming, coaching , religion and among others.

In that search that to many might seem meaningless and in which sometimes I felt lost at times, little by little it began to take shape. I understood that at the end what we really are is far beyond from our profession or the role that we can take in life. And what’s left at the end is To Be because that magnificence of the universe , the life, the existence, god, and also that love that we all look outside is within us. And at the age of eighteen I fall in love with my best friend, the man who is the father of my two child and my life partner.

So, the mode and the searching for that call was changing its form over the years but the strength, and intensity of that inner call was becoming stronger and deeper. Motherhood covered much of that craving with our two children. Even so, the longing and the call to know and understand the universe I can say that it was increasing clear and impossible to ignore. I felt it in my skin, in all the cells of my body. And that’s how the IDEA came in 2011, The Power of Love, a book. Deep down I knew what the power of love meant, but me? Write a book? Like those I admired and had inspired me since I was a child? Even as a teenager Wayne Dyer, with his Your erroneous zones, showed me that there was nothing wrong with me, just a different way of perceiving reality. However, the intensity and strength of the call were getting stronger and too intense at times and the question was still in my mind, how am I going to write a book? And it was there when we lived with my husband and our children in South Africa, when the PERSONAL CRISIS came into my life in what for me was the greatest crisis I have ever had and with the most pain I could have ever felt. It was there in that pain that the understanding and the first words began to come to me. It was then, when I was finally able to put in words that infinite certainty that I had had all my life about the greatness of the Human Being and the existence and that I had not been able to express in words until then. Its certainty was irrefutable within me. And it all started again with an idea. Every night before bed and every morning when I woke up, a word or a short phrase came to me and from there the writing flowed non-stop. Then I could see that what I had felt all my life for the infinite universe that I had longed to travel and meet out there, and the certainty, wisdom and passion I felt within me were the same. Like in science it is called microcosm and macrocosm.
They are a replica of each other, our inner and outer world. And now I could see it very clearly because it had woken up and was hitting hard inside me.

And so, here I am today, presenting AWAKENING THE INNER POWER OF LOVE , 40 years since what I call the CALL, 10 years after the IDEA with the name of the book and 7 years after the first word came to me during a period of personal crisis and pain. With a second book started and ideas of more titles in my mind. Now I do not know how the path follows. What I really know is that the dream of knowing the universe led me to the love of my life and my family, then it brought me to an idea and that idea, in my life through my fears and insecurities took me in a moment of personal CRISIS and pain leading me to discover my inner power and wisdom. No more and no less than an entire universe within me, as infinite as the outer universe. Unimaginable infinite and beautiful.

And that was my eureka moment, when I realized that I was being my whole life learning and traveling to the deepest universe within, also full of joy and magnificence.


My mission is to contribute to the awakening the inner power of love in the hearts and minds of human being recognizing its own magnificence within. It is through our own inner work with love, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and appreciation that people and nations can achieve the joy and harmony we all long for with will, responsibility and humility. Through the wisdom of universal love, I know that with love, understanding, and compassion we all can achieve harmony in our life and in the world.
Just the day,
when we will be able to look in ourselves with responsibility, honestly and humility,
to understand who we really are and why our life is about,
just the day when we all be able to forgive ourselves and forgive others,
to love us and to love others unconditionally, just the day when we will be grateful for every second in our life, living everything like a gift in the here and now,
just that day, we will understand what life is about!
That day, harmony will return to the Earth.
My commitments with me, with my soul, and with life is to find love, passion, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, joy, and appreciation for myself, for all humanity and for life, facing and overcoming my fears working in coherence for being the best version of myself at every step of my life as a path to a bliss and peaceful world.
Gabriela encourage us to awaken our inner power of love working within to find the best version of ourselves, to trust in our inner wisdom, to face and overcome our fears and to love, forgive, and appreciate ourself and those around us, being coherent with ourselves and with the world. She truly believes that a new world in harmony is possible for us and the new generations to come.

Let´s choose love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and appreciation for ourselves and for all humanity as a path to joy and a peaceful world.
Let´s choose to be the best version of ourseves